7 Summer Fashion Tips for Ladies

7 Summer Fashion Tips for Ladies

Now that summer is here, what are your fashion plans? It goes without saying that summer brings an irresistible urge to shop for new outfits. This is because with warmer weather, you can now travel and meet family. Better still, there are always trendy fashion styles and you obviously don’t want to miss out. With so many fashion designs coming to stores, what are the factors to consider?

Here are just a few:

1. Go For Cute Summer Dresses

The weather is warm and you have a chance to enjoy those cool looking summer dresses you always adored. Hit the store and look for loose dresses that will allow your skin to breathe in the heat. Make sure there is little contact between your dress and the skin to avoid rashes. A maxi dress comes in handy.

2. Invest in a Sari

Believe it or not, a saris has now crossed over to become a party accessory. If you are going out in the evening, forget the heavy sweaters or your jackets and instead throw a sari over your shoulders. There are innovative designs by top designers to blend with any fashion style.

3. Go for New Style

Have you looked at the ka-sha collection of dresses inspired by Indian heirloom designs? Every summer, there are new styles in the market and you can overhaul your wardrobe by trying the brand’s fantastic inventory.

4. Check the Fabrics

On sweltering days, you need to stay cool and what better way than to choose fabrics that won’t cling to you? Linen, pima or supima are perfect fabrics for summer and when looking for new clothes, make sure you remember this. Natural fabrics are better in absorbing sweat.

5. Jewelry for Events

It goes without saying that you want to glitter in the sun. A luxury watch or semi precious stones are ideal accessories to your summer style. If you are hitting the beach, you obviously don’t want jewellery weighing you down. The rule of thumb is to only wear a piece that is necessary.

6. Don the Glasses

There are cool brands for ladies to help protect your eyes while also making you look dashing. Go for high-quality glasses and make sure they match your colors.

7. Avoid Lined Jackets

A lining adds to the layers between the air and your skin and you will always feel uncomfortable. Your skin needs to breathe, especially with the increased heat.

These are just a few tips to keep you looking sexy and cooler during summer. Go on and try them out.