About Machine Skates and hydraullic jacks

Machine Skates

Machine skates are also known as load moving skates. They are equipment used in mechanical handling and transports heavy machinery or other large items in the area of work. They mainly use nylon, steel or polyurethane wheels and castors. They are economical and ideal in moving items at a general workshop. Most machine skates are designed to be pushed or pulled manually, however, some can be attached to a tug or fork truck. Machine skates tend to work better on flat and smooth surface that is from any dirt or deterrence.

How they are used

When planning to move a storage container, a huge machine, equipment or furniture, it is crucial that one gets a high-quality machine skate for the task. The following are some of the steps to follow when using a machine skate;

First, get four toe jacks that are low profile to lift up the equipment to be moved.

Using these toe jacks, lift the item up so that it can slide onto the machine skate with all the four corners.

After making sure the item is in place, release the toe jacks slowly.

Finally, attach the steering bars and transfer the item to the intended place.

Hydraulic Jacks

A hydraulic jack is an equipment that is put into the use of lifting heavy weights by applying through a hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic jacks usually lift weights by employing the force in the cylinder chamber that is created by the pressure exerted.

Uses of Hydraulic Jacks

The following are some of the ways in which a hydraulic jack is used;

It is used in lifting vehicles when changing a burst tire

Hydraulic jacks are fitted on cranes to lift heavy loads

They are also used to lift heavy equipment in industries or factories

They can also be used in equipment used to handle heavy materials

Hydraulic jacks are also used in lifting platforms.

Advantages of Hydraulic Jacks

They are easier to use

They lift heavy loads with minimum effort

They occupy less space

They are very effective with heavy loads

They don’t jam easily

Disadvantages of Hydraulic Jacks

It is vulnerable to failure if the oil seals wear out

It is considerably slow

It can overheat really quick

The leak of hydraulic oil leads to soil and water pollution

Machine skates and hydraulic jacks are important machines in the lifting of heavy loads. However, it is advisable to take a lot of care when using them to avoid accidents and injuries.